If you are here, it's probably because you've heard about these things called bitcoins and have asked the eternal question.." how do I get some bitcoins?". Well you have come to the right place because a bitcoin faucet is the simplest way to start.

The intention is to promote the use and distribution of Bitcoin to new users, by providing a simple mechanism that facilitates an easy way to obtain a "free sample". In this way, new comers to the Cryptocurrency community can establish a small stake and potentially use this to finance other transactions , thus helping to perpetuate currency circulation and notoriety.

Many faucets, like this one, will also provide basic information service for their users. The goal here is to disseminate greater public Knowledge of the bitcoin system which hopefully helps towards dispelling the fears, myths, or misconceptions that surround the currency today.

The following video provides a good explanation of what a bitcoin faucet is and how you use one.

This next video was created by the legendary  Ofir Beigel, author of the 99bitcoins blog.
Ofir's blog is one of the best sources of information on anything bitcoin, available on the web to date.

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